Wireless Mouse Pad

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Wireless Mouse Pad


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Automatic switch-off - Wireless charging pad with mobile stand - Made from PU leather - Short circuit protection - Overheating protection - For Quick charge or trickle charge..

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Buy the high-in-demand wireless mouse pad 

Do you always keep working on a laptop or PC and are tired of regular mouse pads that do not last even two months? Made from the PU leather, the wireless mouse pad also has a mobile holder, and ensures the long-lasting quality. Being one of the products of innovative items of www.24shoppingbazaar.com we avail high quality products for our customers. 

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No more wrist-pain while using the mouse now as at 24 shopping bazaar, we have launched a very comfortable to use, and pocket-friendly mouse pad. With price range between 1000 INR & 2000 INR, 24 Shopping Bazaar provides a good quality shiny, PU Leather-made mouse pad that can be used on a long-term basis. 

In case of any assistance required, our team is here to guide you and help you select the best item for you. Any complaints regarding the received product can be made to our customer care or just send an email and we shall solve your problem soon.

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