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Affordable Combo Options

Searched everywhere but did not find combo of your choice? Found the combo you wanted but it ran out of your budget? No more getting tired of surfing number of shopping sites and still not finding what you wish for. 24 shopping bazaar brings to you varieties of combo offers to select from. Our different availability of combos includes mobile accessories, Kitchen appliances, sports combo and much more.

The combos are budget-friendly and quality-proven. 

Sports Combo Offer

24 shopping bazaar has a unique combo that you might have not heard before. A pair of Shoes along with slippers and a watch. Isn’t that amazing? May it be a regular day or a trip day; these things are quite a necessity. So why not buy them at an offer already?

Buy our best-selling sports combo of shoes, watch and slipper at affordable prices. We let you select the shoes of your choice (a pair of sports shoes or a pair of formal shoes), along with a pair of slippers and a wrist watch.

Never compromising with the quality of items we supply to our customers, we are glad to have launched a combo that is mostly preferred by our customers.

Mobile accessories combo

Mobile running out of battery while traveling, your favorite headphones are over-priced and oh! You don’t know where your data cable has lost. These are some common situations we face almost every other day. No more feeling sad. 24 shopping bazaar has sorted your life. Presenting our “must-need” combo for you all. 

We have a combo comprising of power bank, Bluetooth speaker, and a headphone or a data cable. You can select if you would like to buy a headphone or a data cable. What else would you ask for in a budget that is so pocket-friendly and provides you the must-haves of a mobile or PC devices?

The moment you step out of your house, a power bank and a headphone become the “most important” items to carry. What better than to buy both with an additional item on a very pocket-comforting price?
Need not think twice, go with the best.

Kitchen Appliances Combo

Looking for a gift for someone interested in cooking? Or have you set-up a new house and you are searching for kitchen appliances at a not-so-over-hyped price? Welcome to 24 shopping bazaar, then.

We offer our customers an electric kettle, sandwich maker, distilled cooker and a handy steam within one combo pack. You can have it for yourself or even gift it to someone. May it be for someone who absolutely enjoys cooking or someone who has just set-up a new home, no need to spend more amount of money? 

At 24 shopping bazaar, we not only care to provide you with the best quality of products but also try to save your money because of which we have mentioned budget-friendly prices that won’t make you think multiple-times before buying what you like.

Other Accessories Combo
we have a wonderful set of combo for our music lovers at an affordable range. A combo that includes a Carvaan, along with an aux cable and a pen drive.

24 shopping bazaar provides an aux cable that can be used on either an Android or an iPhone that one can connect to a car as well. Carvaan with 5000 songs is an amazing idea as a gift for someone who cannot live a day without songs.

We also provide a pen drive along with the combo whose importance in this tech-based world is not at all needed to explain.

Air-Purifier Combo

Pollution all around, not an amount to breathe!

Purified air has become an essential need for all the humans but where will you get it? You will get it in our combo set where we not only give you purifier for the car but also for your home.

Due to high level of pollution even our homes sometimes do not breathe fresh. We are sure you not only yourself want to breathe a good and pure air but also want your children and new born babies to intake the pure air.

We assure you to provide the good quality air purifiers for you home and car that no doubt will provide you pure air but also will last for a longer period.

Compromise in anything but never with the air you inhale…

24 shopping bazaar avails price-worthy quality of all the products you order.  The appliances are not only easy to use but are also advanced which will make your day-to-day life tasks more convenient.

If at any step of ordering from our website you face any kind of issues, you can contact to us for assistance and we will surely give you the complete guidance.